About Minimelts

What is Mini Melts ? Mysterious pearl-like dots of ice cream Who we are

We launched Mini Melts ice cream in the Middle East in March 1999.Mini Melts ice cream has been a great success in the United Arab Emirates, ever since we opened our first state-of-art factory, in sharjah. We now have a number of locations all across UAE and GCC countries. The Mini Melts factory, covering an area of 10,000 square feet,is purpose built, with state-of-the art equipment. In particular, the cryogenic equipment that we use is the most sophisticated ice cream cryo machine in the world,today.The factory is ideally located to enable us to supply Mini Melts ice cream throughout middle east region. Mini Melts was loved by the local arabs,especially to cool them down in the 120 degree heat.They'd nevr seen ice cream likes Mini Melts before

Mini Melts is an ice cream dream

Mini Melts ice cream is a beautiful and delicious product. We are able to make such a great product, by using leading edge technology and the best ingredients.Mini Melts is manufactured across the world, using specialized high-tech equipment. The finest quality of ingredients makes Mini Melts one of the best ice cream products around the globe. We also make water based ice cream balls,with exciting flavours for you, when you wish to cool down. Mini Melts is shaped like miniature pearls and comes in a wide variety of colors and flavors. The pearl-shape makes it easy and quick to serve,to maximize sales at a site. It also makes it cleaner than ordinary ice creams,especially with young kids